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Goata Chucks

*** Ships in a pair***** These are the mini version of the world-famous Goata inside ankle bone high slant/slope re-code boards. They ship in a pair and made of molded plastic for long-term durability.  The Goata logo is always "side up" during use. Design for use on the road and in the weight rooms. Great for Goblet Front Squats, Goata hinges, and split wave stance technology. If you can afford only one Goata slope technology, this is the product you invest in for your personal recode and maintenance. They are artisan molded chucks come in a pair and are handmade by Goata Coaches, The lead time from the date of order to delivery is 3-7 days.   Please check the quality of the chucks on delivery for integrity. 

For international orders contact donald@glsgoata.com.