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Goata Movement Gear and Devices



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The GOATA Chucks

World Famous Inside Ankle Bone High sculpting tool

They ship in a pair and are made of molded plastic for long-term durability.


Set up the Chucks Fist Width Distance apart (logos facing each other). Stand on them with a Straight Second Toe and Heel.

Stand, Squat and Hinge on the GOATA Chucks to decompress the Foot and Ankle complex and reshape your movement!

  • Designed for use on the road and in the weight rooms.
  • If you can afford only one piece of GOATA equipment, this is the product you need to invest in for your personal recode and maintenance.
  • Artisan-molded chucks come in a pair and are handmade by our staff.
  • The lead time from the date of order to delivery is 3-7 days.
  • Please check the quality of the chucks on delivery for integrity. 

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