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Who are we?


A comprehensive training, rehabilitation, and sports performance program based on the analysis of human movement, GOATA was founded in 2012 by businessmen Jose “Gil” Boesch and Gary Scheffler with football star Ricky Stanzi to maximize health and physical performance.

Former NFL quarterback and co-founder Ricky Stanzi is also one of the team’s current coaches, along with a team of top-tier athlete-trainers.

The GOATA Movement team also includes RJ Archibald – a top scientist in his field who has taken his understanding of physics & engineering and has blended it with the science of the GOATA Movement System.

Over the years, our evidence-based movement and performance optimization system has helped countless regular people and professional athletes eliminate pain and reach their potential. Past and present clients include: Jameis Winston, Irv Smith Jr, Micah Parsons, Emmanuel Ogbah, Odafe Oweh, Marquise Brown, Spencer Brown, Ike Boettger, Ja’marr Chase, Dre Cisco, and Mark Bell.

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No matter if you’re an athlete or a coach, chronic pain negatively impacts your life and potential. With our online, in-person, and hybrid solutions, anyone can master nature’s movement code!

  • RECODE 225

    Self-Led Online Biomechanical Course
    • Weekly Movement Protocol to maximize mobility at home
    • Corrective exercise routines for painless peak performance
    • Easy-to-follow training videos with detailed instructions
    • Ongoing program support from dedicated GOATA experts
    • Education to enhance your understanding of GOATA and lifestyle tips to help with your daily tasks of walking, standing and resting
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  • Coaching Certification

    100% Online Certification Course on Body Movement Mechanics
    • Learn how to identify pain causes and how to optimize performance
    • Become an expert in human biomechanics and movement optimization
    • Provide accurate assessments and effective client protocols
    • Get certified to train your clients in the GOATA system
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  • Movement Assessment

    Online evaluation by a GOATA Movement Expert
    • Assessment of your biomechanical starting point
    • Video analysis of individual movement patterns
    • Feedback on underlying movement errors
    • Customized corrective exercise protocol
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