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Slant Boards -Traditional

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A Pair of the world-famous GOATA (IABH)  inside ankle bone high and (HAAD) heel away all-day slant/slope boards. Design for one to one training with a Goata coach, or exercises in the Goata Origin Story Book and Goata DIY online courses.  Use boards for GOATA exercise only such as Goata goblet front squats, GOATA hinges, and the Goata Split stance locomotive derivatives. This board is not for commercial usage, and you are to use them at your own risk. The approximate 11-degree slope is the most popular board and has the most utility for re-coding, strength, and explosive training for the home or small non-commercial training centers.  Groundwork mat not included and recommended use on gym type flooring and exercise mats only. Do not use on home floors. They are artisan boards come in a pair and are handmade by Goata Coaches, who are also carpenters. The lead time from the date of order to delivery is 14 days when out of stock and 3-7 days when in stock in the USA. Please check the quality of the board on delivery for integrity.  For international orders contact